Blue Umbrella Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.

We offers an expert product and destination knowledge. At Blue Umbrella, we follow a different approach of focusing on personal service, great advice and excellent value. We believe our knowledge and experience add value to your own experience and it would be our privilege to guide you throughout your exotic journeys.

Our Tour Plans


Your Honeymoon should be as exciting, beautiful and thrilling as you are! From the pearly beaches, and luxurious resorts to a romantic getaway... Why would you settle with a "package"!


Travel luxuriously, travel slow! Enjoy the ride with horizons aboard. Spend some time over the glistening waves... Plan a cruise getaway for your next vacation and make it the best decision.


Whether a Weekend getaway or Photography trip, Food trip or Ecotourism. You travel with a pack or go solo... We will curate a tailor-made vacation within your budget, for you to bond over those avocations!


If you travel for your soul, for salvation... You travel to find your existence in peace and quaint. Leave behind the questions and your worries with us, and embark on the journey of your life

Family Vacations

Show your family the world and beyond! Travel with your loved ones and live your imagination. After all Memories made together last a Lifetime…

All Women

Go solo, or with your girls! We craft vacations that are as unique as you, with no compromises on your safety. So just let your hair down and let us take care of all the worries, from your stay to your travel to food to Shopping. The world is at your feet!


Do you seek the thrill of the unusual, the exotic, remote, or wilderness? You like the challenge, self perception and then, self mastery? If yes, let us curate the perfect vacation for that adrenaline rush!

Historical Places

If you travel to witness the stories of what the mighty and the powerful have left for us. To bask in its glory, be thrilled by the intrigue and the wonder of those places that have stood the test of time... And still continue to be Magnanimous. We will cater the exact holiday for the historian in you.