A beach lover’s dream destination, the Bahamas is a collection of over 700 islands. Island hop here for the best water sports activities or just walk through the colourful streets of this country. Laze around the never-ending list of beaches and or explore the natural caves. Bahamas welcomes you for all.


Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada has eveything! From beaches to mountains, islands to waterfalls, the rich heritage of British Columia and the pizzazz of French Quebec . A visit to this country is like going to two countries at once. Places to visit here are:
Vancouver | Montreal | Ottawa | Calgary | Toronto


The largest and one of the most diverse countries in the World, USA, holds a place for every kind of traveler. Whether the sunny beaches or the daunting Mountains, skyscrapers or historical tour, the Grand canyon or the Niagara Falls, this country boasts of having them all! For anyone, with enviable amount of time, these are the best places to visit here:
New York | Orlando | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | SanFrancisco | San Jose | San Diego | Miami