Geographically one of the most diverse countries in the world, Argentina, has glaciers, the largest waterfalls in the world, towering mountain peaks, vineyards, harsh deserts, and humid jungles! Adrenaline junkies’ dream? Yes! But there’s something for everyone here. The artistically colorful streets of La Boca, the rich architectural and cultural heritage of Buenos Aires makes it complete vacation for anyone and everyone!


The beautiful streets of Cusco, the ancient heritage of Machu Picchu, the highest navigable lake in the world – Lake Titicaca, the mysterious Nazca lines – here is Peru, the city with a beautiful balance of the world. From nightlife to adventure, from history to architecture, from Cusco’s trail to Lima’s nightlife, Peru will surely leave you mesmerized for the rest of your life. Places to visit here, are:
Cusco | Machu Picchu


Among the best tropical getaways of the world, Brazil, the largest country of South America, has attractions for all tastes ranging from spectacular beaches, beautiful islands, charming colonial towns, rare and exotic plants & wildlife, and larger-than-life waterfalls! It is the energy of this country which is infectious, whether it is the Carnaval, in Rio or the architecture of Brasilia, Brazil will ink an indelible memory in your hearts! Places to visit here are:
Rio de Janeiro | Brasilia